Mac Data Recovery

data recoveryWe provide Mac data recovery services to Raleigh and all of central North Carolina.

Not all hard drives are recoverable. Diagnostics are free. Since 2001 we have recovered thousands of hard drives.

Symptoms of a bad hard drive:

  • Your Mac boots up and nothing happens
  • You get a folder or a question mark on the screen
  • The Apple Store has informed you your hard drive is bad
  • Freezing and crashing can be caused by a failing hard drive
  • Slow performance

Recoveries we perform:

  • We can recover data from mac hard drives even if OSX fails to load
  • Data recovery from hard drives with corrupt master file tables
  • Data recovery from USB and flash drives

Data recovery pricing:

We have 4 tiers of data recovery pricing. Tier 1 includes simple recoveries, backing up data, etc. This is done at $60/hr. Teir 2 includes data recoveries from defective hard drives and is a flat $100 fee. Tier 3 is $500 and covers drives that require significantly more time to recover such as drives with bad partition tables. Tier 4 is a clean room repair (mentioned below) and usually runs $1,000 – $3,000. Remember, it is free for us to take a look and you are not obligated to have the drive recovered. Our goal is to retrieve as much data as we can at the best price possible for you.

Not all data is recoverable:

While we can recover a surprising amount of the hard drives that arrive at our shop, not all are recoverable. Some have physical damage that requires a clean room recovery. Disks with head crashes, electrical problems, or major scratches in the media can not be recovered without this special environment. Even then, sometimes data is simply destroyed and not recoverable at all by anyone. We are a certified Ontrack partner, the best in the biz, and can have this drive recovered in a clean room for you. We ship parts daily here and get a discounted rate through Ontrack.